Arpent Organizes an Afternoon Symposium on the Suburbs

20 May 2016

The symposium The Future of Suburbs : Retrofitting in Debate, organized in collaboration with Terrains Vagues, took place on May 20th, 2016. Speakers from academic, community and professional backgrounds enriched the discussion on the development of suburban territories. The exchange also covered some issues less present in the mainstream public debate, such as citizen mobilization in the suburbs and the consolidation of built areas. The event concluded with an activity of collective reflection, the results of which will directly guide our approach.

We thank Terrains Vagues, Claire Poitras (INRS-UCS), Gérard Beaudet (UdeM), Ronald Martineau and Sabrina Di Matteo (PDTDMC), and Christian Savard (Vivre en Ville).