Our Mission

Arpent is a non-profit urban planning firm whose mission is to address the current and future needs of communities by retrofitting suburban territories.

The retrofitting
of suburban territories

Arpent supports a rational use of urbanized territories by updating the current built environments and their communities. The retrofitting is defined as a proactive process that aims to update existing landscapes to address social, economic and environmental transformation, current and anticipated. Arpent works to promote retrofitting through densification and diversification of territories in accordance with local dynamics.

Our Approach

Arpent works to sustainably develop territories in a transparent manner towards collective interest. Our practice is determined by the goal of generating affordable and diversified real estate solutions, facilitating access to services, encouraging the use of active and public means of transportation and optimizing the existing infrastructure. We employ urban planning tools with the examination of demographic trends and urbanization patterns to design courses of action that will positively impact current populations and attract future generations.

The Team

Arpent brings together professionals from the fields of urban planning and development. The combination of their specialties and skills allows them to take a multidisciplinary approach to territorial development.

Samuel Descôteaux Fréchette

Project Manager
General Coordinator

  • M. Sc. Études urbaines
  • B. Sc. Urbanisme
  • s.descoteaux-frechette@larpent.ca


Charlotte Montfils-Ratelle, OUQ

Project Manager
Research and Development Coordinator

  • M. Sc. Études urbaines
  • B. Sc. Urbanisme
  • c.montfils-ratelle@larpent.ca


Justin Verville Alarie

Project Manager
Chief Administrator

  • M. Sc. Aménagement (Project Management)
  • B. Sc. Urbanisme
  • j.verville-alarie@larpent.ca


Guillaume Lessard

Project Manager
Research And Development

  • Ph. D. Études urbaines (ongoing)
  • M. A. and B. A. Histoire
  • g.lessard@larpent.ca


Florilène Cornier

Project manager
Participatory Approach

  • M. Sc. Politiques urbaines et régionales
  • B. Sc. Sciences politiques et histoire
  • f.cornier@larpent.ca


Jérémy Gelb

Geographic Information System Advisor

  • Ph. D Études urbaines (Ongoing)
  • M. Sc. Études urbaines and B. Sc. Géomatique et Environnement
  • j.gelb@larpent.ca


Board of directors

David Alfaro Clark

Planning Advisor at MAMOT

M. Sc. Urbanisme
B. A. Géographie et sociologie

Leyla Lardja

Project Manager, Sustainable Development at Ædifica

PhD Aménagement (Ongoing)
M. Sc. Analyse du cycle de vie / Développement durable
Mineure Urbanisme opérationnel

Karl Dorais Kinkaid, OUQ

Urban Planner at Enclume – Atelier de développement territorial

M. Sc. Urbanisme
M. Sc. Aménagement
B. A. Sciences sociales

Timothée Millet

Transit Data Specialist at Transit

M. Sc. Études urbaines
B. Sc. Urbanisme

Mathilde Rudloff

General Coordinator at Entremise

M. Urbanisme
B. A. Économie

Amel Gherbi

PhD Candidate at INRS UCS

PhD Études urbaines (Ongoing)
M. A. Communications
B. A. Human and Social Sciences

Charlotte Montfils-Ratelle, OUQ

Project Manager at Arpent

M. Sc. Études urbaines
B. Sc. Urbanisme

Our Collaborators

The team is supported by collaborators with complementary specialties that allow the addition of specific areas of expertise tailored to the projects.

Gabriel Fournier Filion

Financial Advisor

B. A. A. Spécialisation finances

Specialties: Financial packages, development management

Claire Grillet

Service Designer

B. Design industriel

Specialties: Service design, involvement of citizens and stakeholders, user-centered approach

Laurent Levesque

Management Advisor

M. Sc. Management (ongoing)
B. Sc. Urbanisme

Specialties: Management, strategy, communications

Gautier Davesne


Ph. D. Geography (ongoing)
M. Sc. Geography
B. Sc. Geography

Specialties: Cold regions geomorphology, soil characterization, surface hydrology

Former team members

Marie-Ève Charbonneau   

Founding Member


Timothée Millet   

Founding Member and Project Manager

Eudes Henno   

Founding Member


Amel El Hossayni  

Intern in Urban Planning

Amel Gherbi   

Project Manager


Roxanne Marcil   

Urban Planning Advisor

Gil Danabé   

Urban Planning Advisor


Samia Kitous   

Urban Planning Advisor

Collaborating organizations and partners